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Autumn Special - Flat Rate Commission

We provide nothing short of a complete professional real estate service.

  • Professional photography
  • Websites including
  • Free standard signage
  • Open homes or by Appointment only
  • One Stop Shop

If you are at all considering selling, now appears to be an excellent time to do so. 

Please call us for a free appraisal. 

An effective and unique part of our real estate service is to ensure any defects or problem areas a pre-purchase inspector / inspection is likely to reveal, are addressed prior to presenting a home for sale. We have an experienced building inspector on team, so please feel free to take advantage of his high level of expertise to ensure a smooth sales process. 

Myth : If you pay peanuts you get monkeys! 

We don't believe $6,950 is peanuts. It is certainly more than fair. However, when a market is as buoyant as it has been recently, where homes are selling fast and at premium prices, there is less of a requirement for a commission to be high.

Myth : A big name agency will get you more! 

Highly unlikely, and prone to performing like large bureaucracies.

Myth : What about the large database of some of these higher profiled agencies?

Maybe this had some validity in time past. However, the rise of the internet has opened up the opportunity for an even playing field. The 'exclusive database' of prestige clients is almost non existent as most would be savvy enough to either search the internet or set notifications when new properties are listed. 

 Cost effective in maximising your home's potential value.

Excellence in Presentation counts! 

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