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Property Makeovers

Maximise your investment!

It’s not hard to understand that well-presented properties sell or rent for more.  So why don’t all vendors and landlords invest in improving their properties? Often they’re not sure what to target for the best returns, don’t have the DIY skills, find it difficult to engage contractors or are simply 'time-poor’. That’s where we can help.

We understand that a small investment in the right areas can make a big difference to the value of your investment.  

Our in-house team has the knowledge, experience and skills to carry out a makeover on your property, and, you’ll be surprised how quickly things can be achieved. Let us design a custom plan for your property and manage the process for you. 

Sell for more… Present your property in its best light

All improvements should be focused on things that will appeal to your potential buyers, with the money spent where it produces the greatest price uplift.

  • Clean up, declutter, paint or plant
  • Add natural light or update your light fixtures
  • Improve the ‘flow’ to make your home more liveable
  • Neutralise buyer’s objections, such as poor street appeal, obvious maintenance issues, lack of privacy or concerns with safety and security
  • Address problem areas so the buyer’s building report doesn’t hurt your bottom line just before the finish line
  • Styling that captures your buyer’s aspirations; adding our expert touches, accessories and artworks to your furniture and fixtures.

Increase your Rental Return… Improved property = improved returns

A quick, targeted makeover before letting or between tenants can increase rent and reduce vacancy. Achieve positive-cash flow returns* on the improvements you make straight away.

Examples of Potential Returns on Property Makeovers

Makeover Budget

Weekly Interest #

Rental Increase Achievable



$20-30 p/w



$30-40 p/w



$40-50 p/w



$50-60 p/w

# If borrowing to pay for makeover; based on an interest only loan at 8% interest rate (the rate the banks use when assessing your serviceability)

While our building team can handle major renovations, often you don’t need to spend the earth to get a great return!

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